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Mission & Vision                                                                                                  In today’s world of “Mega-Resorts” this Island Retirement Resort (IRR) will offer a “low key - personal” approach to retirement living and vacationing. A quiet, serene atmosphere, nestled in nature’s beauty. It will be created where the hustle and bustle of regular everyday life is NOT on the agenda for the day. This adventure will be affordable and flexible, and topped with a well trained, loving staff. It will provide a REAL “family” experience whether on vacation or in retirement. This IRR will offer all the amenities that most state-of-the-art resorts have to offer.

This IRR will be located in a place such as the US Virgin Islands, Florida Keys, Hawaii, or other islands worldwide. It will consist of a true tropical setting of palm trees, tropical vegetation, and winding lagoon pools.

Property                                                                                                           An island has been found that would fit this project. It is approximately 600 acres, with 2 nice beach areas and nice, safe, elevations to weather out storms. It is very close to other main islands for easy access to public amenities. To keep the “low-key” atmosphere the retirement living quarters will be kept separate from the vacation accommodations and all will have enough vegetation to insure privacy for each unit. The lodge / restaurant facility will be centrally located for easy access by all. There will be approximately 200 retirement and vacation units. Each unit will be designed and built to take advantage of the best view without sacrificing privacy.

Since the island is not inhabited, it is a clean slate to build a completely “green” infrastructure, utilizing all the natural resources such as solar or wind power. It will also employ a complete staff that will be professionally trained thus having a positive contribution to the community’s unemployment.

Estimated Costs
Island - $45mil
Lodge/Restaurant - $500k
Home - $90k
Maintenance Building - $50k                 Infrastructure - $10mil                              Total Project Estimate - $75mil